There is a minute in your life when you paused and upon looking at the mirror, you saw a complete stranger. The chances are you would either be willing to know that person or run away from him. To be yourself, they kept telling that all it takes is for you to be yourself. So you’ll end up asking who you are. So how would you like it to be answered. The problem is, we like mimicking so much that we end up bring great imposters. If that is what you want then I have a better idea. Why not start mimicking your own selves. You have to understand that not everybody can solve math problems, not everybody can be a scientist, not everybody can be rich, not everybody can be famous but you have all means and rights to be somebody.
You applaud on people like Malala who have come so far and continues to strive trying to campaign something and you tell yourself that they were a big inspiration. So how did they inspire you? Were they only there to cheer you up for the day and tomorrow you’ll just keep doing the same fucking over anyway? If there is something that truly inspires you then work hard on pushing yourself against your limits. By all means necessary, lay the carpet towards failure because there more chances of that happening than failure wherein when you celebrate it instead rather than suffer from it, it will keep you flaring up to move on and thrive.
You asked why life is hard so I will answer. It is hard because you accepted it and crumble over it. You cannot get a job, you cannot live in a decent place, you were left by someone you love or someone you love died, you were diagnosed with an incurable disease and cannot afford medical care. You worry too much in your life that it is becoming melodramatic but are you enjoying it? The answer is yes because you got stuck on it and refused to fight back and start living.
When they say, you only live life once so live it in the fullest then may I suggest that you do one thing. Chase death, do not wait for it to come because the longer you wait, the more it agonizes you. Death is something inevitable and it will all come to us only at different times. Dying should be something to celebrate because at the event that it comes to you then it means you have already served your purpose. If it is extended for another day, another week or another month then be grateful towards it because you are given another chance to prove your worth so don’t waste it.
Yes, finding authenticity is hard and standing up for it is harder because people will envy you and they will want to pull you back to their society only to corrupt your identity. They want you to be nameless, they want you to fit within their circle because they fear your potentials to be unleashed. They fear that if you choose yourself before them, they will end up following you. The rule of being a good leader is to learn how to be your own master. take on the risk of learning how to maneuver your boat ’cause it will allow you to realize what is wrong and what can you do about it. Dependency to others is like a shackle keeping you bounded. You rather to choose sitting over and watch rather than do the work yourself so when those people leave, you end up being lost.
Now, I will say this loud and clear. If you equate your life with dying everyday, you have two options. Wake up and be the same person as yesterday or wake up being a better person than yesterday. We have a lot of struggles in life and that’s understandable but it doesn’t give you the excuses not to stop doing what you want to do, not to aim higher, not to persist in what believe in, and not to invest in God’s plan for you. All of us are created to be different for us to need one another so it is not a shame nor a taboo to be different. It is a must for all of us to survive and create a peaceful world once we learned to embrace our differences and work to put them together for a better purpose.

Good night and wake up differently tomorrow.

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