Meditation: the secret of silence

When you meditate in complete solidarity, you will learn the secrets that silence holds. At first, you would be most likely trying to recall your memories, mostly happy ones and compare them as of where and what you are right now. Thus it becomes your grounds of determining whether you are successful or not. However, ten minutes pass by, then fifteen then twenty and this is becoming a little boring so you think of another thing to excite you. For example planning your future, a place to visit, food to eat, clothes to buy, etc.

You just wanted your mind to be occupied because meditative process seems to be important as far as mental health is concerned. Thirty minutes passed to an hour and you start to ask yourself- why does some people see this activity as something important when for you, it is a pointless circulation of thoughts and ideas that readily involve of what you think you should do and not on what you are supposed to do. Many wouldn’t understand the concept of meeting yourself in front of the mirror ’cause in reality, people rather ran away from themselves for a reason that is unexplainable. What they don’t realize is that the purpose of meditation is to meet yourself. By that I mean not on the definitions that other people used to describe you but instead, it is on who you are and what you believe you are.

A purpose in life is not achieved through meditation. What you gain from it is an idea of your inner chaos and as you try to resolve it, then a meaningful life is being made out of it. It is like cracking a peanut open without using your hands. The amount of energy you invest in trying to think of thoughts and ideas is tantamount to the energy required for you to let the thoughts and ideas seek you mind. The irony is when the more you think of something to supposedly seek an answer, the more you’re going farther from your aim but the moment you only sat there and tries to enjoy the silence then the ideas and thoughts you needed will seek your mind.

As they always say during meditation, ” look inside your heart” but it did not say think about looking inside your heart. See, this is confusing because when you meditate, you use the mind but in order to achieve the so called enlightenment, you shan’t use your mind. Forcing your mind to think too hard or too weak will not lead you to move from a single point into transcending in another phase of revitalizing your life. The process of meditation will become meaningless if we try and try but consecutively fail on it’s purpose.

So what now? should we stop mediating since it is a waste of time to practice when we don’t know the fundamentals of doing it? I call this type of a response and idiocy because in the first place, you don’t even comprehend the necessity for you to take the challenge instead and pursue meditating with full passion. I guarantee that how you look at things and how you tend to live a life will truly change once you learn how to properly meditate because apart from self worthy and self improvement that you gain from it, there is a reward of being able to share the secret of silence to others who are in need of it.


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