Money and friendship

I was watching a Dalai Lama video which is about Power and Care: perspectives from economics and society under Session 4 of the Mind and Life Dialogue. Well it was a really an insightful session but then at the same time, I felt the urge of engaging in such an intriguing topic. Though of course, my attempt is all on subjective interest but it is not my desire to justify something.

A speaker flatly laid out a fact that there is a problem equating the value of a five pounds given by a mother of four who has a merely sustainable life to that of what millionaire’s give. It greatly posed a challenge towards me. Undoubtedly, I did earn a few pennies on my previous job but that had cost me a lot of immaterial things. Also, I once came across a wisdom imparted by Jose Mujica of which he said that when spending, it is not the money we spent but the time earning it.

It now brings me to a dilemma of which an example would be whether to lend a friend some money for something she considers as needing attention with the assistance of some monetary help, or not because of the conflicts pressing against my beliefs ( referring to Mujica’s words). To expound the situation, I know that that “ friend” was employed as I am and that her salary wasn’t that far from mine. For unknown reason that she hasn’t saved enough, to emphasize, for such emergency situations, I do not know or tend to question.

Of course, trust is the second thing to be looked upon. How far can trust go? Would it include the risks of letting go the sacrifices and time you invested in making that money, just all for the sake of friendship? What would be the value of my help towards her? Would she be able to pay it back as soon as possible, with the anticipation that I might be needing it sooner without the necessity of me vocalizing it.

In today’s time (again with reference to a local society I belong to, atleast currently), people are pre- judged as someone beyond their expectation because of such a minor act of refusal. How far can the value of monetary help, exceed that of which one cannot quantitatively measure such as emotional support and such things when upon holistic assessment, I who is far well off can only offer my presence to that certain friend. Is my emotional support insufficient, for with other factors, it is what I can only provide for the meantime?

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