The mind

Our mind is the most amazing gift you could ever have. Our capability to rationalize and understand things are far exceeding our presumed limitations and that is when growth comes in. The brain is like a rubber band that can fully stretch and even become infinite once we challenged it. There are no dumb or stupid people, there are only lazy ones. The body is a living vessel for the mind and you have to understand that there are no impossibilities when it comes to the way we think but then we subject to the limitations of our body therefore we decapitate our capability to reach beyond what the physical aspect of our self offers. You have no hands so you cannot write then speak what you believe. You don’t have eyes to see the beauty of the world then hear within your heart. Instead of looking forward and start bringing down your hindrances, you got so busy looking a way around it but you will never find one. the way to beat your body is to condition your mind. Develop a monologue to yourself everyday and tell yourself that You’re on a different adventure each day and how you will get through it is when you figure out how to break your obstacles. The illusion of your mind that you are great is not hypocritical but because you refused to accept with along side with it’s set of challenges that you end up being cynical about life.
They say that if you continuously do something repeatedly then you can become a master on it, so what would it be? Would it be getting up each morning drinking coffee and going to work to continuously glance at your time, get your paycheck at the end of the day, buy a bear and wake up another day to do it again. In the process you forgot what a coffee really tastes like and you just constantly worry about money. Then I say, you are the master of a life written in one sentence or would you rather want it to have chapters and a fruitful ending.
The mind offers you options and it also offers you the courage, the will to do it but unless you won’t make it work with your body, it wont happen. It will stay up there, inside your brain and you will find it in the next day, the next week, the next month, the next years until it will come to you as a “why”. Why did I not take the better option.
Why human beings are the higher form of animals is because of our capability to think and analyze things. However, it doesn’t give you the power to do something immoral. As much as the mind can offer you many great possible things, it can also deprive you of your capability to do what is ethically right so you must be careful not to abuse it. A humble person cannot measure his greatness but an arrogant person can rank himself in a position no one else sees.
Use your mind to obtain something good and in that something good, make sure you bring along others as well.

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