Thursday Motivation

There are many people you will meet in life and that you have to remember that they existed for a reason and they came to you with a task and so are the circumstances that happens in your life irregardless of it’s nature. Their main aim is to challenge you and dare to take it head on but it is also your duty and responsibility to own the consequences of your actions. As you grow and experience what the world looks like, the way you will live your life is not determined by someone else perspective. In search of a true and blissful living, the path is surely ruthless and hard. Most often, we tend to shrink ourselves into comfort without even realizing it.
Simply because we’re reading textbooks, reciting poems that we cannot understand nor feel. We love whining too much and doing less. We’re becoming less creative, we’re becoming less productive, and we’re swarming on a branded society. A society where people are called normal, but do you know what normal is? My friends, normal doesn’t mean you have to be like everybody is. It means that you understood your responsibility to humanity and that is to intentionally do good. Normal is when you accept your difference as an individual and use it to help others. That is a misconception that most do understand so at this moment ask yourself who you are. Are you the one called fat? intelligent? beautiful? ugly? crazy and all other labellingsĀ  they can discriminate you with or are you the one doing it? If you decided to simply answer that you are a human being just like the rest then prove it, work on yourself and show them what you are.
However, not everyone is strong enough to thrive. Why we fail to achieve something, why we don’t feel successful, why we don’t see a purpose in our life is because we don’t actually seek it. You grew up with your parents telling you that you need a proper education to lead a good life and by that it means having a degree which can secure a nice paying job for you later on to afford a wealthier life. Yet first, you must know the difference between a wealthy life and a luxurious life. Most often, we confused these two things and give more value to the latter which is the opposite. Fast track your life, you have a degree, earned a lot but try to imagine everything as temporary. There is no guarantee that you will stay on top, that you will keep earning what you earn today, that you will forever live in that big house, or have good food and nice clothes, even your health will gradually degenerate with time. You have to invest your wealth within yourself and to do so, you need to figure out what to invest on.
Life as always been said is lived once so you have to be wise on how you want to live it. Why people become and feel miserable is not because they committed a lot of mistakes, it is not because they procrastinated a lot, it is not because they’re weak. If you made a mistake, the first thing you gotta do is not to blame anybody, not even yourself because blaming will only make you repeat the same mistake over and over. What you need to do is learn from it but most importantly, forgive yourself because if you didn’t then you will never move on. There is no perfect timing, there is no perfect place, there is no perfect people. You have to realize that time is always limited and so you must learn how to manage it. If you’re wasting your time doing whatever it is that you do but you feel breathless then stop. Take a time off and breath. When you do, it will give you a clearer picture of what is happening to you. Taking your time in working on your goals in life won’t rush your days, we are not in a race to something. To nurture your desire, to take care of your beliefs and to stand by your principles will eliminate the burdens you have because you are no longer wandering around this world, the path is clear for you.
When you seek for the rights answers, they will never come unless you asked the right questions. I am no different from everyone. I did a lot of mistakes, I do still make mistakes. I am not perfect. I complain, I hate, I argue. I am not perfect. In fact before writing this, I asked myself why should I do it, what benefit will I gain, would anyone even care to read? I do not know but I did it anyway. Before posting it, I again asked myself “what if my English wasn’t good enough? what if my grammar is wrong? what if I’ll receive negative feedback’s?”, all that would have prevented me but the bigger part of me pushed me to do it anyway.
I am no God. I am no super hero. I am no icon. I am no superstar. I am just someone. I am a human being. You don’t have to know me or my past. Why I’m telling you these things was simply because you did not tell them to yourself and if you listened closely to that voice inside you then don’t loose it. take it as an opportunity to grow as a better person. People want to help as many as they can. It is our nature to be there for each other, to encourage each other, to inspire one another. I am just one of a thousands of people who encourages you to motivate yourself and if you did, pass it to another. If we create a community interlinked with a divine purpose, then to live is a beautiful journey that everyone is entitled to experience.

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