Detach yourself

It’s good to spend sometime alone everyday, not that it concludes how introvert you might be or applaud your lamentations, but certainly to value selfishness in a rather positive manner. Being alone leads one to think about themselves, beat their thoughts, learn how to be comfortable with their bodies or to the detailed improper behavior they had accustomed themselves with, discover some talents, set new goals and many more. Perhaps this is a good time to utter such words. Today’s era, we often forget such basic needs. Everything is structured, written, directed, deceiving, and most of all- fast- as fast as our lives were being spent. Living is a good thing, only if one learns how to live outside the material, outside himself, outside the society, outside a relationship, outside their family, and so on. Detachment is what they call it in simple terms but why? why detach?

I said earlier that spending some time alone should bring one to be closer to something or someone, themselves included but here I am talking about an entirely contradicting proposal- to detach. I say it implying the absence of prejudice, bigotry, ideology, and all supposed filters to prohibit spontaneity of wisdom, emotions,and connection. To detach is like loosing one’s identity. It allows one to restudy himself, learn new things or critic old knowledge, challenge norms and come up with better suggestions, create not a thriving  life but instead, a good and beautiful one.

In this fast paced life, we often miss things, We search google for answers, we find friends on facebook, we plant, cultivate, harvest and sell to have money and buy our own food, we gauge intelligence subjectively accompanied by condensation and contempt, we respect with consideration to one’s status, we love on the grounds of fandom and ideology of which we often confusingly compare with our own reality and thus mutual growth is being treated as a disastrous approach towards marriage. One way or another, what couples practice more is compromise disguised as support and thus malicious to the values of love. Cheating, lying, and deceitful facade being worn my most people as they parade their faux personality upon invading a mass of strangers- very much represent how one can be egoistic with or without his knowledge.

Taking a good view on the small aperture you used to detach yourself even with yourself, one can maximize his understanding of all things. To observe keenly and digest everything before coming up with certain conclusions- one can offer a better compassion on all things, on all kinds and that of which if maintained, would yield better relationships. It is a simple process of meditation, a considerable suggestion on how to practice it. For once liberated- we don’t offer less for our kind, in fact- we can become humans.

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