It was around two am when grandmother’s door suddenly opened.I was sleeping on a couch opposite to her door and as usual I was insomniac hence explaining why my eyes are terribly hurt as soon as the light from her room dissipated to the dark outside. I have no other option but to drag my feet lazily and decided to close her door. As soon as I gripped the doorknob, I stopped for a few minutes and feel the eerie coldness coming out from her room. I furrowed and peeked inside.

She was well wrapped on her blanket, stationary and so silent. Somehow, it concerned me that her door was mysteriously swung open. As far as I remember, it was always closed  and she does frequently makes sure it was before she goes to bed hence explaining the unnecessary opening and closing of her door a couple of times every night.

I stood patiently on her doorway, waiting for something. Then as soon as she rolled to her left, I closed the door slowly.Perhaps it was relief I felt that time but nonetheless, it faded right away.

She has changed so much, far different from the person I used to slept with during my childhood days and I hated her. I tried to understand but years had worn out my ears, hearing those hurtful words she use to say to me. Perhaps some people really adore and loved their grandmother to an extent they wish she didn’t die or something ( it doesn’t imply that I wish her death ) but she died to me starting on that day she blamed me for the imprisonment of his nephew who had been sexually abusing me and even impregnating me.

From her I learned one thing, that words are as powerful as a knife stabbing your heart and it taught me a lot of lesson.

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