I decided I can’t keep off my attachment with the internet hence after a day of paper folding with minimal bladder break , or coffee, or snack and even missing a sumptuous meal- I took my phone and turned on the wifi connection. Immediately, messages came popping out successively, some are annoying and other’s, a simple greeting from a friend. Yet, I know I wasn’t into chatting or anything other than watching something, not a movie of course.

Not long, and YouTube was loading some Marina Abramovic videos. She was, by far, one of my topmost favorite artists on contemporary times. Yes, her ideas and concepts were wired to extremely dubitable but sure their uniqueness is something worth it. Not only was she a successful and odd performance artist but as much as she contributed a lot to the art world- I think there’s a lot she can share in the world of literature as well. I will add the link here- that of which I had recently finished watching and hopefully, it will be of some worth to many.

I remember several months before when I accidentally came across one of her interviews posted in YouTube and on that particular interview, she was discussing about her work explaining the power of telepathy. Instantly, it sounded appealing to me hence I watched the whole interview while she explains about the activity she organized for that certain purpose. Indeed technology has robbed us of many things and perhaps our greatest challenge these times is living up to the present. Many of us, myself included, dwell a lot on either the past or the future- most of the time- that we miss the existence of a reality in the present. The pursuit of escapade always bring us to the concealment of a proper thinking, of learning how to pass time idly, of gratitude at most, and last is on enjoying the attentiveness of our sensation. We often miss one aboriginal characteristic we all have as humans, that of which refers  to connection; due to the unending intervention of a fast paced life, tons of problems left unresolved- at worst mostly mundane-, presence of technology and the hateful one- competition.

Yes competition, that is what makes us disconnected most of the times, in one way or another. How? The answer is very simple. If one lacks a good interpersonal relationship, then the egocentric motivation always dwells in. The ’ I  ‘word to be prioritized, makes us in, extremely selfish and again, that if is we lack a good interpersonal relationship. Telepathy is the proposed solution to such a problem. In dire attempt was it suggested to supposedly bring a certain value in our sense of connection. To cure our anesthetized feelings and clarify our minds on what is important, consolation is the realization of time as an illusion.

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