The unsettled mind.

Like a lot of people, I never really knew what I want or the more reason is to why am I writing. Perhaps only for a reason that I like my insanity, my monologues. I like deep thoughts- a lot and I have an enormous amount of curiosity. The why’s never stop but it not within the constant seeking that I find resolution to, rather it is on the misfits and irrelevance of things that comes along my way and somehow from them are the most significant sets of answers.

Had it be that I was born on the renaissance era then perhaps I wouldn’t be too much distracted on a lot of things. Societal changes, education, politics, status, all of which seems to have each person document and make a research on in an attempt to produce a more conducive way of living harmoniously with each other.

We are far the most overpopulated, lazy and insignificant century. having flat screen T.V. Bigger golden houses, I phones and all advancements of technology had just successfully made  most of us greedy, jealous, selfish and each had these delusion of wanting to lead a purposeful or a meaningful life. Often it is equated with a successful career of something ” successful” in general. A peasant, an uneducated, the sick, the old, the disabled were given a little chance to experience living fully as a human being.

It saddens me that I cannot fill the gap of unsolved mysteries and unsettled questions that I long desired for. What is more easier now is to live in a barren place and regain your worth than dwell into the misery of all. Instead of truly embracing a hope for all, what is left is a pity while clinging to that last thread of hope for yourself.

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