The foolish man

I wanted to argue about the stupidity of mankind and by that I wouldn’t exclude myself. On this, I would like put a scenario based on my personal experience.
During my childhood days, my mother kept on saying to us that we are poor so in that case, our toys would be like boxes and broken things of sorts where we creatively innovate into something that would fit our liking and turn it into a beautiful toy, well in our perception at least it goes like that. Apart from that, we often hike on mountains, climb any tree, search for berries since we don’t have money to buy candies and most often, “adventures” as we term it was a better idea than staying at home and doing apparently nothing except boring ourselves into sleeping at home. Sometimes,I and my siblings or friends would enjoy on board games and I like cards most of the time. Well at least for one thing that I knew of, people hate doing nothing for quite some time so either they do something or die from boredom.
Today, I could afford anything and by that I refer to my necessities, food , clothes and shelter. However, a funny epitome of living a meaningful life had struck me and made my gut swell into hallow organ filled with air as it goes for my brain. I was deceived as to say and why I say that was because I realized that the moment I became a consumer in this strategic marketing of a wealthy lifestyle which was often disguised in lavish spending of resources, I was a complete idiot to say that I was living a better life. If that categorizes having a big house for one, three cars for a couple, a vast amount of clothes and shoes, or a grocery like pantry for a family of three then I say that’s greed.
First of all, education is good and indeed it was. If I wasn’t educated then I wouldn’t know how to read or write much more, speaking another language which is English apart from two others. But, it did not say that we educate ourselves to be enslaved by someone which means taking up a degree to work in a corporation that has this bio metric where you lag in everyday that basically robs you of your liberty when it comes to time, of which of course only valid if you hate your job and you only seize it as a source of income. Most people term it as ‘practicality’ which is absurd considering a few other reasons why it totally wasn’t. Let’s say that in the game of success, a checklist was made and which includes a house, a bank account, good food and clothes. For starters, that how plain and vague the objectives were and so we enrolled in the program of working hard to attain them. Of course, bank account will come first and so when we decided to check that house, we realized that we should be living on a space not only for our comfort but rather also quite pleasing. So we will buy a house that’s pleasing for us and comfortable as well but then you visited a friend’s house and realized how big their house was and you came to dislike yours. Eventually, you’d be spending and extra money to renovate your house but this time, it’s to please others.
Second is food. I envy the other kids who has candies and sweetly nibble them while I ended up with wild berries, me and my friends found on the mountains as we were playing. More than a decade from that time, here I was complaining about lot’s of junk foods as much lesser in price other than natural foods. My best example was when I cannot understand how a person chunk on a bag of Doritos in one go but cannot even swallow a boiled potato. Our obesity rate and health problems is just indicative of how foolish we become in understanding our food. Well, fast food is more appealing than cooking and that goes around with our impatience, we want and need everything to be fast. So the word instant comes next. Well, we should understand the distinction between man and animals that though we both have our primitive instincts that demands instant gratification, humans are more evolved to supposedly have a sense of control over it. Perhaps these times, we’re loosing that aspect as well.
Now we got slammed on the face when the campaign for ideal body went out and so everybody is running a marathon for dieting. So, the companies were so intelligent to come up with the idea of adding the “diet” word in their product, solely for deceive the consumers. Funny though when you come to realize that there is this part of the world where people have no food and much less, a clean water to drink while in the other part was filled with people obsessed with dieting so they became anorexic or bulimic. What a retard compensation, though both ends meet up in their demise. I think, the appropriate word to describe our relationship with food is not on what we consume but on how we completely lack satiety. We tend to be always hungry and in that case, our unfulfilled mouth can either be compensated on other areas of our self or become obese.
In case we are not orally fixated, we come to supposedly meet our third necessity which is clothing. Oh dear! we are living on a world where clothes are treated as plastics. Disposable it means but are non biodegradable. Again, our primitive pleasure seeking instinct butts in and the moment we saw something we like, we want to have it instantly. How many pairs of shoes do you actually need to protect you feet? Surely you won’t be wearing ten pairs in order to walk comfortably? The benefit of money at least meddles in this aspect. Of course, when you cannot afford then you cannot buy, but I know there are quite a few who are persistent and thus still continues to buy them though tomorrow is another debit card.
Last time I remember, my mother have this phone which is like a big black remote control and now, don’t just have one but two touchscreen preferably iPhone. You don’t need to do math, we have calculators and now we have a handy dictionary- check it out on the play store and install it on your phone. Try and catch up with your friends on Facebook. Use Instagram as your daily mirror. etc. etc.
The deal is, there is famine and we force ourselves to turn our heads against it. Ages ago, people have good food but they die young because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to medicine, now we have medicines but still we die early because we have poisoned our food. Ironic, still not. Before, people have less clothes and so the women are not fully dressed but now, there’s an issue on nipple baring? And my most favorite part, we all have sources of knowledge and intelligence to scientifically provide answers to what we’re seeking but as science tends to provide more answers and so is religion trying to deny them. It is non negotiable that one day, humanity will be wiped out in a single blast. If it did, it means we have failed our race and so we must end. Either way, it is an individual perception as to whether you have lived your fullest or neglect your sentence.

3 thoughts on “The foolish man

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    • If hope is for sale, I still wouldn’t buy it. It was a vague source of courage and strength unless you flip the coin and decide to work on hopoe instead and cultivate it towards it’s impossibility. Faith is something you have to invest on. Hope is just a wishful thinking, just staying on the verge of nothingness actually. I wouldn’t want hope, I’d rather hold on tenaciously on faith.


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