A letter to my country

I would like to point out why the upcoming election does not serve any benefit or perhaps can give a little bearing to the futuristic betterment of our nations citizens as everybody is aspiring. First of all, we must understand the concept of democracy and to do so, a definition should be profoundly understood. That being said, Democracy is a system of government in which all people of a state or polity are involved in making decisions about it’s affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly. Take note that the word used was representative and not leaders. This is where we are most often confused. Our democratic government is being interpreted by many as dictatorial in some way since what we expect is someone who has the capability to lead and not someone who is worthy to supposedly organize what the mass has given and accumulate it into a single idea which generalize the main point.
This type of governing is best known for Abraham Lincoln’s definition as Government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If we try to compare this to a single grain of rice trying to fulfill an empty stomach of a person, then obviously it isn’t enough. The president nor the senate is not the fundamental structure that runs the nation to prosperity, it is the people themselves. However, I don’t know which poison people ate to have the notion that electing this president or that senator will bring about this kind of result etc. We’re so focused on who should be or should not be elected that forget our main rule as a citizen.
In case you still don’t get what I’m talking about then I think we should first re- examine what is actually happening in the country. I am sure no governor nor senator or the president had said ” people execute the tanim bala modus operandi to feed your children or any other things”. That is plainly the idiocy of some people not being able to comprehend the consequences of their action such as a decline in tourism perhaps and of course it means no additional income for the government and small scale private businesses. Instead of trying to develop our country, the citizens are the main source of their own destruction like a colony of ants trying to break down a tree.
We’re educating our children, for what? To go abroad and be included in the stupid phrase that say’s OFW’ s are our new heroes? Hmm.. I have to think about that myself, I think the main reason why they flea actually is to find a better life somewhere else since there is already nothing provided there. Well OFW’s should also know that an increase in the exchange rate is not something to be rejoice in since it only means that the economy of the country is going down and tantamount to how poorer they become.
I have only one proposal actually. During any election, what we should think of is voting for the person who has a firm conviction of his principles and someone who can represent you or the others. But as I have said, the main idea is solve our personal failures and rely the betterment of our lives to our own selves. That’s the ultimate solution to our problems, not the government, not who’s sitting there, not poverty. The only way hindering the achievement of such is our greed and sense of unsatisfactory hence the root of all evil things. The secret of a successful nation is a living, successful “community”. Start within yourselves.

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