Freedom- It’s standpoint today

During the old age, people fought for their freedom, freedom from oppression to being literally enslaved physically and mentally. Their right to eat good food, have a shelter and even think for themselves or own something for themselves were robbed away from them by selfish egocentric people. Thus, they choose to free themselves on this inequality of human treatment so they draw their swords and fight. Years passed by and poets were born. In an era where knowledge is becoming a powerful tool to oppress the people, ideas and decisions were only credited in favor of those who are wealthy thus poor people are treated as mindless, useless rejects of society. So the battle for human dignity were brought upon to be made known by the poets through their writings in attempt to bring forth an argument that will overlook the injustices being done towards those who are poor. Again, decades passed and we came to what we called as industrialization and we continue to proliferate in that era. Here, we campaign about all types of equality, gay rights, women and children’s rights, democracy etc. In other terms, we are free in sense. We have the right for education, we have the accessibility for the fruit of technology, we can make new discoveries, we can do a lot of things, even bad things at most. However, because we have this sense of freedom that we are actually blinded by what it was. We no longer have an idea of what freedom really means.
I have to agree that I myself is employed, having a nice paycheck as they say but I am working six times a week , eight hours a day on a job that I don’t like but since I signed a contract hence I’m still stuck with it for the moment. This is just an example of the delusion that freedom is when you can soar, when you can fly, when you can do anything you want.
There is a new supposed model of iPhone or Samsung or Sony. Then they have this sorts of advertisements that I-core is better than this or that. So people were excited about this new invention, they all wanted to try it but the problem is that you need money to do so. Thus in order to afford it, we register ourselves to what we call as labor system where we worked for hours and be paid afterwards. Time goes on and the question of whether we enjoy our work or not is irrelevant and we manage to save that certain amount of money tantamount to the price of that new technology so we are able to buy it. Now, when you have that phone that you desired, you can either leave your job or not but let me ask you how you feel when you held that phone for the first time. It is a sense of fulfillment right but after using it a few times, you got bored and again the same cycle happens. Find a new one, work for the money and then buy it. This kind of system we developed was no different from what was done throughout history but then what we don’t realize is that were seeking our imprisonment ourselves. It is us who throw ourselves into long hours of work, earning more money, having too much worries, all sorts luxury we don’t actually need. We cannot find a certain point of satisfaction hence we don’t feel free to be creative, we don’t feel free to evoke our ideas, we don’t speak of our thoughts.
A friend once told me that I should demand for an increase of salary and when I asked her why, she said ” you’re working for long hours and you’re not being compensated well”.  I knew that I was indeed working too much but I don’t really see a point in being paid too much as well because at a point, all I need to live a comfortable not luxurious life was just half of my wage so I can keep the rest. Then she went like ” you’re stupid, everything in this world now is not free and they’re using you to gain more money”. Well it was I who made the decision to sign a contract with my employer so I have all the freedom to choose and decide whether to sign or not despite the nature of my work. Yet what strike me most is when she said that there is nothing free in this world anymore and at that point, I realized that even dreams now are being bought. Because of this, we resolve ourselves that instead of saying I will try, we immediately say I can’t and dismiss it. We fear to lead an empty handed life and by that I mean I need to get paid to write down my ideas. Nobody want’s to be a writer, nobody wants to be a poet, nobody wants to be a musician, nobody wants to be an artist and everybody wants to be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a nurse etc. Because those professions have books and scriptures to guide them and were becoming lazy to think so if we treat if we make something all that would soon come out from our mouth is, It’s not written in the book.
So where does your freedom stands from now, does it remained on your thought or do you actually experience it. The answer depends on you.

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