An appeal for the heart

” If I may speak not to appease pardon for my so called sins, I would like to tell my truth. Each morning, I was driven to work for the sake of knowledge but most importantly for the service of helping other people. In each day, I struggle with countless inquisition brought upon by social stigma questioning my capability in the field of medicine with my gender as a sole basis and disregarding my intellect. However, this has not stopped me from touching people’s hearts and healing them that I had forgotten to take care of mine. In time, my excellence was not only acknowledged by the people but has made quite significant contributions within the academia as well, provided that you have once allowed gender inequality as rather a nonsense basis when it comes to pressing forward changes for the betterment of our people and our country. This has opened a privilege for me to share my knowledge and strive harder in providing that of which will benefit many.

Now, your Lordship’s I plea for your grace in allowing me to heal my own heart. It had been restless, hurt and in pain of which I can no longer endure. Please allow it to seek comfort from my one true love that I no longer concede. Yes indeed she was a sinner, a theif who stole my heart and if it matters greatly to the state and religion that our feelings are nothing but an insult and a dreadful act then I must undoubtedly pay the same sentence given to her. I bear not to break my heart watching her weep on the corners of those cold stone walls in solitary confinement fighting for her right to love as any man is bounded to freely express. Hence, I sought for the answers as to why are we denied of that freedom? Of all the laws made to uplift the morality of human beings, wasn’t our love of much indifference? Under any circumstance, I will not deny her of her rightful possesion even if it will cost my status to be stripped off from me. I rest my case. ”

She slowly paced towards Camille while the room was filled with murmers of the court.

” And what possession might that be?” Camille wearily asked as she managed to slit a smile on her exhausted face.

Kate gently brushed off her cheeks and sealed her lips with a kiss as she whispers ” I love you and that is all that matters”.

I wish to finish this writing hopefully and may I find more inspiration in doing so. A love story around the era of industrial revolution.

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