Reading through art.

Art is art, a form of expression for most, a masterpiece for some but not all are beautiful, not all are heart fully accomplished. Some are only for the sake of profit but it won’t change the fact that for whatever purpose it’s done, it will always tell what kind of a person it’s creator is.
Lines are most utilized and often judged based on it’s purpose for the art not on it’s significance to the artist. Every artist has a pattern and a specific relationship to lines as they depict their personality and view of life. A few includes bold straight one, some with pointed edges, others circular, dotted, thin etc. Straight bold pointed lines are created with confidence and flaunted with quite an amount of grandiosity. These artists are not necessarily perfectionists but believes and lives on extremes. There is no or a little balance in their lifestyle and they most spend their time on elite people, exquisite things but not necessarily expensive. They are organized and someone who dislikes too much clutter, picky but simple and likes wide spaces often closed . Their world is seen outwards from the “me” aspect of themselves eliminating most of the time the importance of what lies outside their circle.
Curves and circles  symbolizes humility as well as resilience. These type of artists understands that the world as it literally is circular and so is life in its nature. They are more carefree and allows spaces for their flaws and managed to live with it. Their past and future doesn’t necessarily put an impact on how they are living their life for it is mostly motivated with how they will spend their present time. Their openness allows them to work and think more clearly on wide boundless spaces and with nature at most. Happiness is a must for them so they equate their time on what makes them or other people happy irregardless of the problems and sadness they have.
Dotted lines are structural in origin. A dot is limitless to what it can create when multiplied but patience is greatly required apart from creativity. The ability to see a whole picture coming from a dot is a pre-processed and carefully planned creativity so these type of artists are mostly thinkers. Every problem has a solution for them, unlike those who draw straight lines, they weigh their actions inwards where the results matter depending on how it will benefit others. They’re kind and has a great amount of tolerance so anger is something they rarely display as to they initially think of the possible consequence of doing so. Like in any mathematical or scientific procedure, they believe in a step to step process strategically in achieving their goals.
Colors have a lot of meaning either as individually perceived or from books etc. However,, black doesn’t always denotes sorrow as yellow is for happiness. How strongly they’re used gives a deeper interpretation than for what the color was for. Yet, it’s frequency is indicative of someone’s past  or rather, it is the artists journal. Their collection will always have at least one common color which attracts them the most and its vibrant resonates their past life, their beliefs, and their meaning. A black is tantamount to a strong red when used in a picture with violence, or a blue is to green when it comes to nature.
Of all, artists have their own specific subject and these builds their character. What drives them to draw or paint is solely indicative of who and what they are as a person.

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People, they are portrayed and drawn either in abstract or real like images yet I have not by far know any person who could do both in a captivating manner, every artist has his or her own specialty and they excel on those areas. Drawing real like images allows a person to communicate to their subject and has a sense of connection irregardless of the amount of time they spent with them or how well they knew each other. These kinds of art portrays the soul of a person outside his human body and the ability of the artist to capture and draw it gives life to these images and that is why it is by far a beautiful masterpiece to celebrate humanity. However, these types of artists assembles a characteristic of an autistic person where they have the capability to converse and understand their paintings more than the real person himself. Their creations speaks to them clearer as well as their emotions than living people so it makes it harder for them to actually deal with ” human” issues. They are quiet and prefers solitude perhaps quite bothered on a crowded places so they spent most time on places with fewer people that also justify why they have a handful of friends. They prefer a deep seated conversation rather than discussing someone else affair and they cannot create a picture in their mind with their eyes closed hence eyes for them are a gift enabling them to see the transparency of another person of which they have great respect for the human body as a vessel that needs to be nourished. Abstract on the other hand is not the opposite but rather they only have a unique way of understanding the human body. They actually invest some time to know their subject, on who and what is beyond that vessel. A simple example is like buying an apple where the first one can simply conclude that the apple is sweet , ripe and something that is suitable for his taste just by looking at it where the other needs to ask the vendor where is it from and the apples characteristics where he’ll soon draw his decision as to buy it or not.  Learning the human nature for abstract artist excites them more than the actual painting so they are more outgoing and socially involved but not necessary talkative. Crowds are not as well their options but they can well blend in.  Moreover, they are more imaginative and creative as well.

Drawing inanimate objects is showcasing a thing meant to be appreciated but not valued. Things are temporary and decorative, a single word to summarize the whole picture. These artists know the value of less and they can simply distinguish the difference of a want and a need. Their capability to surpass and devalue a worth of an specific thing from their drawing clearly illustrates how we love to spend on something that doesn’t add purpose into our life as they themselves rarely own or collect one of their artworks. We have these wonderful building structures, elegant designs of whatever thing we own and whenever an artist draws it on a paper it becomes a complement for the effort and creativity of others work. These type of artists doesn’t dwell on envy to others achievement rather it is what inspires them the most. Hence, being friendly and active to discussions are some of their main characteristics.

The ability of an artist to see the interconnection between human, nature and all the things in this earth enables an array of openness within a person. There is a link in every living and non-living thing as in every birth is equated with death but existence is only made worthwhile when lived with a purpose.  Change is not something they hate but preservation is needed and guided with respect . Innately they believe in the goodness of giving and has a special relationship with karma. Thus the way they see and understand things rooted mainly on it’s goodness and believes in it under any circumstance hence kindness and generosity are a few of what they exercise the most.
In every person, we have a distinct characteristic and ability which we either ignore, undiscovered, or simply choose not to excel in it. Some people can draw, some can paint or do sculpture and for some, they can read art and understand it.

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