Gratitude through monetary value

One time, I bought something for a co-worker and my sister said “keep the price tag, I’m sure she’ll ask a reimbursement for that”. I looked at her and said ” why would she do that when I’m giving it out as a gift?”. She went like, ” considering the difference between your salary where hers is thrice higher than yours of course it’ll be awkward that you’re the one giving something “.
That moment a thought came into my mind and I saw the people whom I have helped physically and emotionally but are jealous to those whom I gave something to. Was it just me or because I have a different set of principles that don’t coincide with most people?
We value more nowadays the materialistic things rather than someones efforts and it brings the exercise of gratitude to another point of view. A mother keeps the house clean and serves warm meals for her family but since she has been with them for too long that it had became a duty for her to do so. Despite what she’s doing, most often we easily notice when she forgets to iron a uniform than those times the house is rarely untidy. We look forward to what’s inside the presents lying beneath the Christmas tree than how she perfectly put the star on top. If we get disappointed after opening them we feel bad that we ignore the nice hot chocolate she patiently made while everybody’s busy tearing up those wrappers.
Perhaps if we start valuing more that of what we cannot see and the experiences we gain from it then we’ll also understand that we’re actually given more than what we deserve. Practice gratitude in a way that is defining an appreciation to someone’s work and personality rather than weighing something based on physique which is just and empty outer casing to something more worth it.

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