0In this fast paced world full of hypocrisy and swarming closed  judgement that corrupts most people, painful and unnecessary words are being uttered by which gossips and competition are mostly observed. Hereby marking ugliness on the existence of innovation which supposedly allow thorough communication and a portal of support for those who are needy. Many times have I seen and as well as experienced the difference pausing can give especially in making decisions either big or small.  Knowledge is gained through intelligence but if improperly parted to other people then it becomes useless.
In a scenario where a colleague or someone you knew had a relationship with a married man, the first thought that would certainly surface was the inappropriateness of the act irregardless of it’s intention. Being a mistress is something dirty especially when the main reason for such is only for the sake of money. This aggravates therefore the situation and it will dismiss all the good side of the person involved. Commonly for such situation, preceding actions and words of that woman will be unheard and ignored so chances of setting back for her is a hard turnover. Because we criticize fast and limits the option for change on that woman, we are therefore  pulling her down to a level of self disgust and nonacceptance that we also limit ourselves to be a better companion. We fail to see that the woman was a sole provider for a dysfunctional large family where the father does nothing but abuse the mother and that being the first born she also need to ensure a better life for her siblings. Yet, plunging into a wealthy lifestyle often displayed by her co-workers she developed envy that enabled her to be involved in an affair without remorse. Something I have learned on the parable of the ninty nine gold coins of which a poor man is given to and he did not stop working only to have one more coin that led him to fell in despair. In any case where a person considered himself deprived,  the ID pleasure principle will initially surface at the moment a certain desire is fulfilled. There is a boundless display of wanting more even at the extent of bankruptcy and exploitation of others. The pitiful side of glamour earned in rather inappropriate way. The solution therefore stands on how we acknowledge the need of that person to change herself without judgement and willingness to assist her as she assist herself.
It only takes one pause to breath, to clean our eyes and clarify our thoughts on what we see and what we do and often these are the moments where good opportunities are presented to us but often ignored. So pause for a moment and look around you, the world is beautiful and so is everything.

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