DSC_0112I was making this and as I slowly stroke the different shades of pencils, I remembered my younger years and also my childhood friends. We used to roll over the grassy slope and giggle, we don’t look forward to anything other than to have fun and have some laughter most of the time. However, years pass and as we separately grew older, most of us are leading a visionary wealthier and successful life. Having great careers, a good paying job and perhaps a wonderful partner to start a family with. I assume this how they view dreams to be, that of which is meant to be achieved and lived in the future with a carefully planned blue print. I had it once myself and got so busy on the past few years when I suddenly came across one of them for just a glitch since we somehow bumped into the same work place. Months passed and I had a job somewhere so is she. We got in touch chatting most of the time and she somehow reminded me of those days we don’t have much but take time to make most of what we have.

I took a pause, closed my eyes and imagine that time I was sitting beside her and drawing on her notebook. We used to enjoy a couple of things like making poems, sharing our foods, browsing over the nat geo book I brought to school, exploiting the musical instruments at the library which we don’t even know how to play and etc. Now, I’m swimming across something I don’t know and can’t clearly understand. I have a degree that didn’t teach me how to live, a job that didn’t pay my happiness, and a path where I forget to dream.

With every line I make, I struggle with my hand tremors. Each time I thought I was finished, I always find myself seeking for more and so I’ll notice the errors, erase it and remake them again till all that’s left were nothing but flaws. Then I saw those letters and when they spoke to me, I decided to drop my pencil and say it’s finished.

dreams are wishes
dreams are hopes
they are neither your future
nor your past
they live in your present
and in the present you must have
you cannot imagine them in your mind
but they’re drawn by your hands
you cannot speak them in your mouth
but you can hear them at heart
they are neither expected nor perfect
but they will always come
some call them opportunities
others by chance but mostly by acceptance
live your dreams with eyes wide open.

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