Life is hard

More than a year ago, I was walking at the street when a woman at her forties wearing faded clothes with a large old carry on bag approached me and asked if I want some honey. I stopped walking, flatly refused which I regret when I turn around and looked at her. She was smiling gently and is persistent in selling me a bottle of her honey. I reached my pocket and figured out that I don’t have money and this time I sadly said no. She said ok and asked me afterwards where she’s most likely be able to sell some since she’s new in the city and has been walking for some time but unfortunately she wasn’t able to sell one. Instead of answering, I asked her what made her do it and we end up talking for quite sometime. Her children are growing up and education is becoming expensive as well as staple foods and basic necessities. From her, I heard one common phrase that I haven’t figured out a proper response to- “life is hard”.
We all want something in life, we desire a lot of things but mostly unimportant. Some people have financial problems but have been drinking a lot which will only result in three things- temporary subsidence of the stressful feeling, irresolution of the problem and additional financial burden. The ‘more” factor when earning money. A high paying salary means a better life and it is a constant competition for some. Some people want more money and accompanying it were series of unjust spending. There was also a time where I was constantly calculating my expenses and I also went to a dieting plan. However, one day as I completely stopped on those nonsense, eat simply, not valuing money and owning a few things then I found some answers to the earlier statement.
Life is based on how we decide to live it. Rich or poor, healthy or not, old or young, we will all have our own struggles, our own set of challenges and there is no formula for a perfect life. Not all educated people are successful as not all poor people are miserable. Achievement is not measured on how long your list is but it is more valued on how genuinely you’ve shared it with other people. Death is something we fear but we don’t fear living like dead everyday. People demand but are not willing to compensate. Henceforth, life is hard because we choose to live it that way.

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