The heartless woman

One day, a man feel in love to the most beautiful woman in their village. All her past suitors have failed so he took his chances and confessed his love. The woman calmly said ” I do not have a heart since the gods took it away when I was born and I shall live forevermore young and beautiful. However, I will feel no emotions especially love nor hate. I cannot shed a tear nor laugh so what difference would I be to a man’s belonging? What would you possibly gain from a woman like me, someone who walks and talk but has an empty soul. I shall remain in this house and you must look somewhere else for the rightful woman who can love you back”.
The man went home that night thinking about the woman’s words. As dawn strikes, he went to see the elders and asked them where to find the gods. They understood his plea and showed him the way to the misty valley. He went back to the woman and left her a lyre.
“Play this every night and I promise to give you back your heart. I will find that woman who will love me back.Until then, I must first seek your desire”.  She stared at him with curiosity and doubt while claiming ignorance on playing any instrument.
“You will learn soon and whatever sound you may make, it will always be music to me.”She sought no further question and glanced at the man’s face before he walked away.
That  night, she softly fumbled the lyre while down the valley, the man stood with fear before setting foot to into the thick forest. As the notes were clearly carried by the wind to his ears, he looked back one last time and bravely step forward full of courage. Each night, the woman would stay outside and tend her lyre until she found herself constantly thinking about that man.
Meanwhile, the man who’s hungry and lost at a labyrinth, dropped to his knees and asked for the gods help. A few minutes later and he heard again the lyre calling to him so he stood up and followed it till he found a flickering light not that far. His heart thumps faster and louder as he walk near the light. Few steps more and things became vivid.

Beside a well were the gods laughing and dancing, their white silken robes touching the buds to bloom as they happily hop around. A feast! they’re having a feast he thought as his eyes were mesmerized by the beauty of his surrounding that he hadn’t noticed the tall man who quietly approached him.  “Come son, let’s eat. Your journey must’ve been tiring and before you confide what you came here for, first you must eat and rest”. He simply nodded and followed him to the banquet.
After a meal, a bath and a nap, he was summoned to the chamber where their leaders usually gather. As he entered, he noticed a few old gods seated above the water circling a blazing sapphire. Before he even spoke a word, one of them said ” That’s her heart, the most beautiful, purest of them all. The brightest among all which brings light to both worlds. It cannot be taken and only the same heart could replace such, yet we can never find one again”. A glimpse of his past surfaced, the gambling, lying, stealing and all possible impurities he did. With sorrow and hopelessness, he softly asked for another option. The gods looked at each other and inaudibly mumbled something to each other.
Back at the village, the night was more peaceful than ever. The moon is full and lot’s of stars are brightly glimmering. The woman again sat at her small balcony, same as the other nights. When she began strumming her lyre, a string break and cut her finger. A drop of blood slowly seeped out and with sadness she looked up at the sky. Out of nowhere, she heard another lyre being played so she looked around to find where it was. Only darkness filled her sight and as she slowly sat back down with the broken lyre at her hand, she embraced it and smiled while a tear flowed down her cheeks.
The light in  that misty valley never fade and beside the well was a man on a white silky robe happily playing his lyre.

– for love has no boundaries.

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