The ruins

Your magnificence once stood sky held to the ground
of which mankind glorified
Honor and prestige are embedded on each wall
celebrated on masquerades with vanity
For what unites a kingdom is in its foundation
years passed and structures slowly crumbles
time will consume the people and the physique of their life
What once was a stunning beauty will wither and fade
Until all that’s left were the wind whistling
between those empty walls
Lost are the days of laughter and dancing
of clinking wine glasses by the knights hand
as they rejoice their victory
The dazzling monuments housed those loams
weeds hold what remained of the stone floors
Gone are those roofs so high
now the angel’s freely sound their trumpets from the sky
As I sat from afar , all I could see was a complete mystery
for whatever reason, mankind will always be commemorated
not by his name nor what he created
but it is on what he left behind.

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