The after school project

10156049_10152449336413714_2400552988603897927_nBack at my school days I was often asked on who’d I want to be if I grew up. I’d say it would be nice to have a good job, earn lots of money and have a wealthy life by which can only be attainable with having a good degree. So like other kids, I went to school and like other kids and as I grew up I was focused on finishing my studies without delays as possible. After college, I found it hard to find a work even with a degree that I have and now that I have a job, it made me realize a lot of things never taught at school.
Math doesn’t solve your problems as well as science. Being SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time framed) on your goals won’t exactly produce the results you want and often you’re making more of those objectives that piles up as failures. Like cancer, your life has no known etiology as much as you cannot foresee your future and the only thing you can do is to develop certain drugs to minimize your symptoms. Life expectancy is unpredictable due to a lot of factors. Your problem for today might not be your problem for tomorrow but if it had circled your life more than thrice then perhaps you should really learn how to subtract, add, multiply, and divide your coarse of actions because it only denotes how you’ve not learned how to apply your math in real life.
As a student, your problems mainly revolve on allowance, tuition fees, assignments, exams, grades and lots of blah blah all relevant to basically finish schooling. So your set of friends are mainly on your age group, try fitting in, be on trend and the least likely thing you’d ever do is stay home on weekends changing your baby sisters diapers while your set of friends spends their day partying. Fourth year college and you start setting your goals higher and after graduation you got really excited planning what’s next to step up your future career.
On your first year after graduation, you focused on getting your dream job ’cause gotta reap what you sow right? What couldn’t be more exciting and tiresome as well than having more trainings and working as volunteers just to get that “work experience” they’re always looking for at your resume. Don’t remind me of that special skills section  ’cause if you like talking a lot and is a good cook, well it doesn’t really matter when your applying for a nurse position. By the time you got really sucked up with those eyes staring at you like saying ” so when are you actually gonna have a real job?” then probably you’d just wave a hand and have a next task of earning a few bucks with whatever work you can find. Another year later and your sort of old friends are flying their wedding invitation cards and here you are still bothered on how to deal with your unpaid rents and bills with a job that couldn’t afford you three meals a day. Probably you have rubbed off your license with your old school ID’s and might as well got a little guilty on how to pay back your parents for sending you to school. What could be more harsh than going back to your parents or still living with them. By the time you notice, you tend to be more mindful of your friends and at some point keeping the old ones are hard to do especially when they still talk about relationships and fashion.
First issue when you have your first job is on how you spend your salary afterwards, always a big deal. You want to save a lot but you’re also spending a lot as if your bank account is suffering from ventricular tachycardia with those extreme ups and down’s but the last thing you’d wish for is arrhythmia. It’s like a nonstop of gift giving, more shopping, countless vacations and afterwards double jobs, more loans, bank accounts and credit cards. In other terms, you just got out of prison so it seems yet the truth is, without a warden  you’d kinda get lost out there.  In your early twenties, you haven’t really got a hold of the things that matter most, well what you mostly prioritize are your relationships, finances and work with two goals- saving up and paying back.
When I encountered the line that goes- fifteen years experience with what they actually meant by an experience repeated fifteen times- it got me thinking of what’s next. Half of my life was spent on school that I got a C on dealing with life outside the campus. It’s a lot easier to cheat on final exams than empty wallets and hungry stomachs. Some people boast their three digit IQ’s but you can’t get enough on their whining on some stupid relationship issues like they don’t know how to deal with their emotions alone. Maybe it’s one of the perks being an average student ’cause you tend to have a more balanced equation when it comes to your brain cells and attitude plus I don’t need that winking eye staring back at me- just saying.
Funny when I meet people with journals at hand that has a bold to do list on their first page and I was like “what’s that?”, mainly I know that it’s their bucket list but I don’t really get it why it must be accomplished. It’s not like I don’t have some for myself but to have a time table was probably not a good idea. You should remind your self that the next test you’d be having is on how you will get a passing score on happiness and fulfilling life. Mystery always remains exciting unlike stepping up to your next year with “new” subjects, acquaintance and teacher, the fact that you’re still bounded at the school life is like taking a round trip each year in your life.
If you ask me what my after school project was, then I simply say – not to get bored. School taught me how to be resilient and competitive ahead of others in obtaining a better life but the after school took me back to generosity and the importance of just getting along well with others. One day you’ll meet up with old batch mates or friends and by that time you won’t be sitting around comparing grades or achievements. By that time you could either be the friend that say’s I got a job at this big company and next month I’ll get a promotion and by the way I bought that house near the coast and live their with my amazing husband and to kids who are now in college or the friend that say’s, after graduation I end up bar tending at some bar and after a year I had a job in ‘this’ country with ‘this’ job but I didn’t enjoyed it so I move to another place with a different job and so on and so forth like writing an adventure book. Preferably, I want my life to end up on the latter friend but trying to be considerate, people do vary on their point of view yet I can assure that life is wonderful the moment you close those books and started to write your own instead. Henceforth, enjoy your after school project.

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