Something I left for the man who stood by me at those times I needed someone, may he also find whatever completes his life. With a flower I handed him this note:

Tend it with your tears of happiness
It’ll then savor every drop of your sweet caress
Every night, you’ll touch it with wishful thinking
And by morning its petals will break
Pouring crimson feelings of insatiable love,
Making your heart flutter into harmony
And splitting the unsettling sound of silence.

Time comes where the last blossom shall fall
Things once pretty ends up unmeaning full
But the euphoric scent of affection stays.
Mourning will be replaced with yearning,
Only then that flowers without buds
Wails with pride and can outshine the rest.
For they don’t just give a glimpse of joy
But they receive and teach the patience
And delight of the word LOVE.

– I am happy for you and the both of us. Things are most often tough and harsh that we sometimes took the wrong choices. Yet those encounters push us to reach the clearing where we could finally break free and feel happy. Though it was never meant for us to board the same train yet we could follow the same path. Take care and no need to think a lot on things, everything doesn’t need a reason to be done. –

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