The gala

And presenting , announced the herald
From afar, the guests turned and gasp with awe
Such a splendid beauty, ageless in time
sweeping the way on that marmoreal floor
What more is best illuminated on those mirror walls
than a long golden silk robe tended with patience
A well crafted jewelry complementing a genuine heart
Yet no other shadow is cast beside her
No, she’s not Cinderella nor Snow White
But the once firmed gaze around her slowly softened
No one knelled to kiss her hand nor asked for a dance
But they paved the way to her awaiting chair
She took the last step on that scaffold with grace
running her fingertips past the velvety armrest
As she stood in front of that mason chair
she gently smiled as the crowed roared
“long live the Queen”
– for you are of a true leader who inspired what we tend to fight this present time. Your wisdom and bravery outcast the Baron’s credibility to sit in that chair. May you remain to be remembered in our hearts not only as written in history but as a symbol of equality and pride for all women.-

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