What can I do? asked the average person.

It was a culture from where I’m raised that education is an important aspect we must achieve. Having a degree means a lot, not only that you brought pride for your family but also it makes an opportunity for a great career or simply a better living. However, a competition is sprouting until the time it grows into a giant tree widening the gap of between those who are educated and those who are not. When I finished college and tried searching for a job, I saw these line of advertisement with an specific requirement when it comes to educational attainment. It saddens me when I saw that even those jobs that only requires skills need someone who is a graduate of this or that henceforth what would other people do? those who can’t afford going to school. Or a common scenario of parents or relatives or friends trying to guide you of some sort in choosing a career path but actually they only based their judgement on what’s trending, where will you earn more, or which would ensure a fast employment anywhere. The pressure, the stress, the wanting to fit in, the being a good person and everything else leads us into living in hypocrisy where we don’t realize how it affected us. This overwhelming standard of a quality life that the society imposed on us is just a vast nonsense that is not really uplifting a valuable way of living. In a short definition, a better life is attained by either a proper education or having a talent, or being wealthy. Those who can’t achieve either or all drowns in grief, sadness, pity, loneliness, being lost and they try to compensate it with surreal behaviors and mischievous hobbies, well most of them that is.
Apart from that, the people we’re surrounded with are the most influential factor towards both ends of either failure or success. We must also consider the great role it plays in establishing our foundation. Remember, we only have our five senses as a kid to build and accumulate knowledge and the way our surrounding responds to a stimuli is being recorded and analyzed by our brains which we would soon use to rationalize also our behavior towards the same stimuli afterwards. It’s like a process of building a chain by which the same characteristics are being replicated to the next one, that unless someone decided to make variations in order to either beautify to break the chain. To make it clearer, an example is a rich family. In order to maintain their status, the children must learn how to resonate their ancestors behavior and attitude. Hereby, you can often hear the line that goes ” you’re just like your mother or father or whoever family member you most likely exhibit the same characteristics”. Thus, what’s left then is a blank space in their selves that they always try to fill in. There is no sign of a purpose or a mission, of uniqueness, of being independent on ones ideas and values, a shallow ambition that is not meant for you, a race your taking that has a vague goal.
There is however a cure to gain satisfaction in life, not to fear death, not to be miserable, not to build a bulk of resentment towards oneself and others, to avoid regrets , and to feel the impulse of being alive. The only way to do this is to defeat your number one enemy- yourself. We idolize, praise, envy those who had great careers, those who have talents, those who are wealthy but we cannot obtain the same fate ourselves because we stay on our comforts and continuously ask the question why. The series of delay and rejection of every challenge presented means a deprivation of an opportunity to enhance our capabilities and explore our gifts. Enough with the blaming, with all the what if’s or if only’s, we are not protecting ourselves from these excuses. Your foundation belongs to your society and family but how you restructured it belongs to you. Your everyday struggles and worries belongs to you the moment you choose to respond in a negative way. Life will always present great opportunities for you to give a worth on your living, what you only need is embracing it with an open heart. Remember, shackles will always hold you back but you must not spend time finding the key, instead make your own then you will learn your way to freedom and to a sensible worthy life.
Thus if we go back to the question of what’s left for the average people to do then ask yourself what you can do. There are specific tasks designated for each of us but we ignore it and decided to want the instant gratification of which doesn’t even fit our purpose.Not all people can have a proper education nor gain wealth and fame through their talents but all of us are entitled to perform, to be productive, to contribute in either big or small ways. All of us holds a responsibility to our kind and to the world whether we have a great job or career, wealthy or poor, healthy or sick, young and old and so on and so forth. Just imagine our world as a platform where all of us has a role to play, it doesn’t matter which one you’ll play but you must perform at your best. A quote from Kung Fu panda goes “there are no accidents, the panda will never fulfill his destiny no you yours until you let go of the illusion of control”. So being poor, ugly, fat, congenitally deformed, or a low IQ are not accidents nor a valid excuse not to have a great destiny. What you need is your instincts, your will, your faith and your heart then probably in that gap we could build a bridge to connect both ends where no one is left out and everyone can realize that we cannot only stay at one point, we may land on the other side but the bridge will always fill that gap to carry us back to where we rightfully belong.

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