Growing old or growing up?

Growing_Older_by_ArethVariumGrowing up and growing old are two different event that can either or both happen in a person. The word that separates them is what we called maturity. Some people age but doesn’t grow up while others are young but are more mature. The wrinkles, the grey hair, the blurring vision or the fading sense of hearing doesn’t define the wisdom and knowledge of a person. Henceforth it is absolutely unreasonable to consider a person wise and more knowledgeable when he’s old. The stigma of giving respect to your elders while not receiving it back encapsulates us to think that age is parallel to maturing which is not often the case. My rally is to grow up and deserve a fair accord in exercising my rights that is undefined and unquestioned by my age and achievements. It is an obligation for everyone to grow up but it’s more common to grow old.
I have made a list of what I think is a something that can help someone grow up.
1. Gripping tight on your dignity, no matter how fragile, how trampled, or how dirty it is. It’s your duty to claim, protect, heal and keep it.
2. Learn how to differentiate your wants from your needs. It sounds simple but many cannot comprehend what it means. This doesn’t exclude the materialistic things we use to beautify our lives but having an excess on each is already a want. Disposing an old for a new one is a need only if the one you throw doesn’t serve it’s purpose.
3. Keep an open mind. When you argue with someone, take it as an opportunity to increase your intelligence and not to oppress the other. People are all equal when it comes to intelligence but they differ a lot on their level of curiosity.
4. Do not be afraid of committing mistakes and accepting challenge. They are the gateways on how we test our resilience. The wounds may bury deeper as the scars embeds wider but your capability to cope up and stand each time is an improving development.
5. Learning about your body. Your body is a chamber of the whole world. It has a lot of issues, problems, needs, emotions, feelings, etc. The way you handle each specific task your body has given unto you enables you to be considerate, responsible and more aware of your decisions. Self awareness is important in making a choice.
6. Aspiring a dream that will serve as guide on your career path yearning to polish your skill, talents and intelligence as it will be of service to both yourself and the other. Not knowing what you need to live for is like a water flowing on every direction by which life itself is being wasted over the years.
7. Being adept in the law of Karma as a basis of your morale. As simple as what we sow is what we reap.
8. Mastering the art of letting go. Procrastination is not the problem, it lies on the guilt of the “what if’s”. It is difficult to learn from the past when the emotions are left continuously reminisced and clinged unto. The event becomes a cynical process repeated with the same characteristics, unless a slight deviation is created that it may break the chain allowing an entrance of new experience and a new set of challenges. Hence, another year means another episode not the same episode being repeated over and over.
9.Becoming wise. Wisdom is not inherently achieved, it maybe taught to you by the society on your ealier years but the rest is nurtured by your capability to comprehend, analyze, decide and practice. One thing is clear though, it doesn’t move congruently with your age. The number must be the last determinant of your wisdom.
10. Grown ups are legitimate to their own happiness. The determining factors of one’s happiness and success must be subjectively germinated and is not collectively formulated for anybody to follow. Be authentic and independent when it comes to being happy and have your own definition of success.

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