A mother’s note

imagesAllow your child to not know their dream, let them figure it out as they grew up. They are just like seeds who will grow on their own beauty so do not force them. They may broke a stem or bloom late or bear an ugly flower. Do not despise them. Appreciate their difference instead. Love and understanding is enough to nurture them. Do not speak nor ask too much. If they are loud, do not let them be quiet- it is when they can hear their voice. Let them play on their own, let them be bruised and feel pain, let them choose and whether you don’t like it- just give it to them. They will stumble but it’s also when they learn their way home so just keep your door open. Don’t build a streetlight when they only need a candle. Teach them the wealth in giving not on receiving. Generosity, humility and patience must be their asset ’cause it’s like a golden medal by which only a few posses. You cannot go ahead of their mistake but can always walk behind to say “it’s always going to be alright”, allow another mistake but never leave their side. At most, what they need is not a plan to avoid another blow but someone to lean on once in a while when they feel tired. Most important of all, allow them to be happy. Happiness is rarely found and there is no greater failure for a mother than having it deprived to her children.

-for the love of my child, this is the only gift I can give and I hope one day you will understand.-

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