Just an Art ?

While surfing the net, I saw one video that say’s art is just an art. A thought sank into my mind and I found myself questioning the value of art in all forms. Whether we like it or not, our society has already ventured a verdict in the art industry as something irrelevant in the development or progress of the community. It is always a competition that does not guarantee success and often times failure is always around the corner. Only a few people are recognized in this industry and almost all of them are referred as to mainly entertain us. Art doesn’t solve your problems, it doesn’t feed you, it won’t stop natural disasters or prevent death, it doesn’t stop war, doesn’t solve corruption or poverty, it is purely a statement of one’s thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions.  Hence, people don’t bother to pay attention to it, it is an unsecured career path ready to stumble anytime. Thus we appreciate it less, value it less, a decor to distract us from boredom, an accessory  to brag amongst our friends.
It’s scary to have these thoughts which are mostly true and the more I lay more truth, the more my love for art and literature grew stronger. The common notion that artistic people are creative beings governed by their melodramatic feelings and emotions is not completely true. Their capability to understand and connect to other people through their works is an amazing experience. Art is for everybody, it just varies on how we showcase our creativity but when we recognize and embody our differences then there is this connection we eventually build in order for us to relate which does not only improve us but also the other people. When we took the challenge to express ourselves externally, it can either make us vulnerable or invulnerable through our transparency yet it gives us the option to live outside the kaput society and all the hypocrisy, stereotyping, and generalizing. We don’t need to be like Michel Angelo or Robert Frost or Shakespeare and etc to understand the importance of art.
I remember watching a stage play back in a small theater house in our university and when it finished I stood outside the lobby and listened on those rumbling comments about it. There were words like beautiful, amazing, the main players were handsome and pretty, there were a lot of emotions, and the clothes were exotic, the whole story was debated on how it should’ve ended, etc, etc. I could’ve said the same but at that moment, I feel something different that I quietly walk out and on every step I take I could only recognize the vibrant feeling that had been passed to me.
I can’t paint, not good in painting or poetry or story telling or an author . I’m just one of the people who search for art and I don’t like all paintings or sculptures or drama plays and any forms of art. I guess why art is a piece of bullshit and a waste of time for most people is either because of the foundation of it’s creation or mainly because it only serves as a show for other people. If we open up to the world of art, we can realize how priceless it is and why it is important for all of us. In my selfish point of view, an artist can conquer her fears, has a vast array of knowledge she is not aware of unless it is presented to them, she  has a certain freedom and is unique, she has a better hold in handling her affairs, issues, thoughts, differences and tries every possible way to differ and be aware of herself. What we gain in the art industry is absolutely not money or fame but the simple gesture of self expression is a subject for improvement, for self love, for a creative interconnection, a loathing guidance of a happy life. I may made my point vague henceforth here’s a painting I once adored. Take a look at it and perhaps you can also explain why it carries along with it a strong sense of free spirit and hope. 1395377617809I hope art isn’t just an art to beautify our living but must go beyond that view and can also settle into the valuable aspect of our society by which it could also serve as a path where we could celebrate our individuality as we openly embrace the uniqueness of other people.

2 thoughts on “Just an Art ?

  1. I’m all about embracing people’s uniqueness! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I’m new to blogging and have a new page I just created. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think.. Enjoy the day!


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