success1Successful is all we want to be.
As children, we’re often asked what we’d like to be when we grew up. The expected response would be something which the society defines as success by which in the Filipino version involves wealth, fame and sometimes a degree holder. Basically, I was raised up like most kids in a culture that predetermines my future. When a child talks too much, he/she is anticipated to be in a profession where talking was mostly utilized such as being a lawyer or a politician. Being naive, listening to our elders is the safe ground we believe and must live with. Henceforth, decisions are always taken with precautionary measure that must agree with the virtues of your family and the people you’re surrounded with. Thus, the so called individual dream has actually a general formula by which we abide and follow unconsciously and that education play’s an important role. The mentality of wanting more which was inculcated in us builds our fundamentals to pave a way towards the “better life” through the means of proper education, securing good paying jobs or working too hard to earn more. Of course there’s nothing wrong in having the desire to uplift our lives, however, the actual problem lies in our mindset cultivated by our upbringing.
See, the actual initial answer of a kid being asked what will he/she want to be when he/she grew up was ” I don’t know” or they simply shrugged their shoulders. But it doen’t stop there, people give options and justifies it in a convincing way on which we are easily lured to that idea and sometimes stick to it. Fast forward, we grew up and did finished a degree, had a job or probably clinging to our resume full of hope and pride. We travel abroad, we work hard, we change careers to often, we whined on small salaries, we save too much to spend on a one week vacation, we build bigger houses and bought latest gadget’s, we settled down, got married and had children but at the end of the day we’re still unsuccessful. It’s easy to pretend we are successful because we do quantify our achievements but if we took time to redefine success on a view parallel to happiness, then perhaps most of us will be surprised with the result.
There are risks in following that formula and the greatest of them all is loosing our self. This is the aspect that our society fails to mention and the price comes in unending struggles, lack of contentment, fragile relationships, and exhaustion. We wake up with MD, Atty, Engr. etc in our nameplates but often times we don’t know how to stand by those professions as much as we cannot figure out our own personality, our want’s and needs.
Finally, ask yourself ‘did I become what I want to be?’, in whatever position you are as of now. Eighty or ninety percent might say “Yes” but if it’s followed by the statement- I am then successful, right?- then perhaps ten percent would shake their head ” No” or say “probably”. Reflect on the I don’t know answer, if we had stick to that phrase and spend more time knowing then maybe we did end up being successful indeed. So take time to reclaim your success in  such manner that it is subjective to you and is qualitatively measured as a purpose of your life. Start by simply learning how to breath and use your five senses properly. Remember, every secret has it’s doorway and fulfillment is achieved inwards not outwards. As Maya Angelou said ” Success is liking who you are, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”. It’s a simple act of being selfish in a way that we actually know ourselves.

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