Running Away

5Remember your high school days when the teacher asked for someone to read and the class just went quiet, the best part is the no eye contact on the teacher. Then comes college and either people end up being undergraduate or changing courses or spending their entire adult life in school. Basically, no one’s excited on quizzes or exams as much as hanging out, playing games etc of which is all unrelated to their studies. These days more issues are uplifted on how much we deny our body to age and defy the beauty of wrinkles and wearing out of our skin. Criticisms basically accompany our decisions which is why often they matter first than our own ideas. This then leads us to the habit of adding “if” in the “I” which changes the whole perspective of what we should be doing. We procrastinate often times when we feel burdened or pressured towards something.
Yet why do we do this, why is running away much easier to do? Maybe we just got attached to the temporary relief we experience when we delay or flee from the risks and consequences of our future plans. We find it hard to step-out of our comfort zone and the notion of being satisfied feeds our fear hence we often foresee a blemish dream of which we rub off our nose and loose the desire to pursue. In this world where sprinting is a common misunderstood concept in gaining success, we missed a lot of opportunity being laid in front of us. Because we choose to take short cuts and escape the crooked lines that we often fail our own selves. Being drunk the whole week won’t help you resolve the bitterness you felt from your heartbreak. Choosing a medical or law degree to ensure a good future which showcase a well paid job and something in demand in most countries won’t guarantee happiness and fulfillment and much more.
When we let our fear be the main reason to run away, then we’re like decapitating our potentials soon leading to a paralyzed way of living. We are leading ourselves to be corrupted on the mental security of playing safe and on one way or another, it repress our capability to mature. The moment we put doubt in our intuition, we end up piling series of nonsense reason to escape the excruciating sequel of our decision herby pulling us back to regression and lot’s of failures. Henceforth, the price we pay for successive running and multiple escapes are mainly being dependent, lack of self-esteem, living in misery, and unfulfilled dreams. That moment we choose a temporary relief over something challenging closes all doors of opportunities and thus we let our lives to circle of one repeated experience over and over again.
So, ask yourself why you ran away? What could we possibly gain in castrating ourselves for the sake of comfort? Would you rather live whatever the result is of your “I did” or play a repetitive “if I” all through out your life. It’s just a matter of choice by which everyone must consider deeply.

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