One mid afternoon, I was drinking my coffee alone at the sala when I  realized that coffee was indeed bitter in taste yet has an unique distinctive aroma. I’m not an avid fan of coffee but I do have them most of the time and what I enjoyed most is finding new flavors. Like the coffee, our lives are full of mystery and mostly adversity and most often we lived based on skeptical decisions. A bitterness we tend to experience everyday yet we do get different flavors which would either brighten or darken some of our days. Yet, what about this so called coffee breaks? To experience what I mean, then try going to a coffee shop and sip on a real mug and let your gadgets be out of sight for a while.
I once entered a Starbucks cafe at Robinson’s Mall in Manila and when I was inside, I felt that there’s something special. First, it wasn’t the expensive coffee or its’ popular label but it was the aura of that place. I saw women leaning back on their seat while smoking, a couple trying to decide what bread will they order, strangers sharing a table, a young woman at the corner reading some magazine, an old man flipping the latest news paper and a lot more.
The library and cafe share a common trait, both of these place offers serenity and serendipity of ourselves. We are living in a world on a night-day or day-night basis by which the time only ticks forward. Each of us is running on our own race track in this fast paced world being said that you’ve just bought the latest i-phone and tomorrow you’ll find a new model on the advertisements. We are bombarded with all the requirements of trying to have a better life that often times instead of brewing our own coffee we choose to drink our coffee on plastic cups which totally defies the essence of having one. Yes, we can still have those bucket size of coffee we want and it always work especially when we’re muti-tasking but the thing is, we missed it’s bitterness, the aroma and we end up like drinking a cup of water that by the last sip you might end up wanting another one. A common habit that leads us to have more and enjoy less.
Back in the cafe,  people turned off their phones to catch up on old friends rather than chatting on facebook, or seemingly just letting time pass by as they lay all those misfortunes or worries that had been happening, or to celebrate over few achievements, or to meet a stranger , or simply treating yourself a cup of coffee just to say Hi and get to know more of yourself. It is amazing to see that a full place like this wasn’t as chaotic as the world, in fact the smell of coffee fills the air with a soothing aroma, the sound of teaspoons swirling at the lid of the glass  was a gateway denoting a long conversation, the gulp every time you sip was a fulfilling one to quench the thirst of our mind for some calmness and our body for some rest. This is what a coffee break is, it’s not really about the coffee or the break but simply enjoying both. We skipped a lot of amenities of being happy, of being our true self, of searching what we want, of carefully planning our future, and especially- giving ourselves a time to breath.
So as I lay down my cup that afternoon, I said to myself ‘ thank you and until we meet again for a second cup’. Hence, when are you planning to take yours?

A Coffee Break

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